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#FORD1 – "Life, Liberty and Orrin Dooley" Will Rogers Jr., Marguerite Chapman
"Sunk" Charles Bickford, Kevin McCarthy
"Crossed and Double Crossed" Louis Hayward, Mercedes McCambridge
"To Any Soldier" Edmond O’Brian, Don Gordon, Horace McMahon

#FORD2 – "So Many Things Happen" Laraine Day, Bruce Bennett, Virginia Field
"Tangier Lady" Patricia Medina, Scott Brady, Virginia Grey
"Portrait of Lydia" Donna Reed, Robert Horton
"Margin For Fear" Broderick Crawford, Elisha Cook Jr.

#FORD3 – "Mantrap" Shelly Winters, Jerry Paris, William Bishop
"The People Versus Johnson" Paul Muni, Onslow Stevens, Adele Jergans
"This Is My Heart" Ruth Hussey, Mark Stevens
"The Jewel" Paul Langton, Margorie Lord, Paul Henreid, John Wengraf

#FORD4 – "The Ming Lama" Howard Duff, Angela Lansbury, Horace MacMahan
"As The Flame Dies" Silvia Sidney, Barry Sullivan
"Double Bet" Richard Egan, Laraine Day
"Gun Job" Ward Bond, Ellen Drew, Phillip Carey

#FORD5 – "Ever Since The Day" Robert Stack, Edward Arnold, Audrey Totter
"Mantrap" Shelly Winters, Jerry Paris, William Bishop
"For Value Received" James Whitmore, Peter Lawford
"Turn Back The Clock" Richard Conte, Laraine Day





#FORD6 – "Wedding March" Larry Parks, Arlene Dahl
"A Season To Love" Howard Duff, Ida Lupino, Lee Van Cleef
"Beneath These Waters" Ronald Reagan, John Baer, Peter Whitney
"Shadow Of Truth" Sidney Blackmer, Thomas Mitchell, Keefe Brasselle

#FORD7 – "Girl In Flight" Joan Leslie, Hugo Hass, Tom Drake
"Touch Of Spring" Irene Dunne, Gene Barry
"Tomorrow We’ll Love" Larry Parks, Nicole Maurey, Eduard Franz
"Second Sight" Merle Oberon, Phil Carey

#FORD8 – "Celebrity" Joanne Dru, Dennis Morgan, Harlan Warde, Eve McVeagh
"Hanrahan" Cecil Kellaway, Elsa Lanchester
"Sunday Mourn" Brian Keith, Marilyn Maxwell, Percy Helton, Wallace Ford
"While We’re Young" Claudette Colbert, Tab Hunter

#FORD9 – "One Man Missing" Jane Greer, Ellen Drew, Audrey Totter
"Favorite Son" William Gargan, Anita Louise
"The Mumbys" Edgar Buchanan, Jane Darwell, William Hopper
"Lady In The Wind" Teresa Wright, Claude Dauphin

#FORD10 – "A Set of Values" Edward G. Robinson, Paul Fix, Ann Doran
"Tomorrow’s Men" Pat O’Brian, John Derek, Ann Doran
"Twelve to Eternity" Edward Arnold, Barbara Britton, Phil Carey
"A Smattering of Bliss" Larry Parks, Betty Garrett

#FORD11 – "Journey By Moonlight" Louis Jourdan, Joy Page, Gene Roth
"Airborne Honeymoon" Jeanne Crain, Wally Brown
"That Evil Woman" Marjorie Rambeau, Stephen McNally
"Double Trouble" Richard Denning, Brian Donlevy, Yvette Dugay

#FORD12 – "The Lady In His Life" Ricardo Montalban, Arnold Stang
"The Alibi" Ralph Bellamy, Patricia Medina
"The Payoff" Howard Duff, Janet Blair, John Hart
"Behind The Mask" Dane Clark, Barbara Hale

#FORD13 – "Measure of Faith" Lew Ayers, Beverley Garland
"Black Jim Hawk" John Derek, Paul Peterson
"The Woman Who Dared" Laraine Day, Gene Barry, Whit Bissell
"The Menace of Hasty Heights" Steve Cochran, Jean Hagen

#FORD14 – "Front Page Father" Charles Bickford, Mae Clarke, Horace McMahon
"The Marriage Plan" Eddie Bracken, Mona Freeman
"Duffy’s Man" Walter Brennan, Phillip Carey
"Model Wife" Ralph Bellamy, Felicia Farr

#FORD15 – "Sweet Charlie" Dick Foran, Frank Lovejoy
"Mrs. Wane Comes To Call" Phyllis Kirk, Arthur Franz
"Ringside Seat" Hugh O’Brian, Marilyn Erskine
"With No Regrets" Ann Southern, Larry Thor

#FORD16 – "The Man Who Beat Lupo" Louis Jordan, Joanna Barnes
"Broken Barrier" MacDonald Carey
"Fate Travels East" Linda Darnell, Craig Stevens
"The Man Across The Hall" Robert Sterling, Vera Ellen

#FORD17 – "Exclusive" Phyllis Kirk, Everett Sloane
"Strange Disappearance" Stephen McNally, June Vincent
"A Past Remembered" William Bendix, Roger Smith
"The Quiet Stranger" George Montgomery, Forrest Tucker

#FORD18 – "The Clay Pigeon" Wayne Morris, Robert Sterling, Tom Tully
"Front Page Father" Charles Bickford, Mae Clarke, Horace McMahon
"Remember To Live" Dane Clark, Barbara Hale
"One Man Missing" Jane Greer, Ellen Drew, Audrey Totter

#FORD19 – "The Gentle Deceiver" Keenan Wynn, Lucy Marlow, Byron Foulger
"Airborne Honeymoon" Jeanne Crain, Wally Brown
"Sudden Silence" Barbara Stanwyck, Jeff Morrow
"The Face" Dale Robertson, Mala Powers, Ted DeCorsia

#FORD20 – "Try Me For Size" Thomas Mitchell, Bobby Driscoll, James Gleason
"Panic" Ruth Roman, George MaCready, Philip Carey
"Singapore" Paulette Goddard, Charles Korvin, Rex Reason
"The Lie" Cesar Romero, Gigi Perreau, Betty Field

#FORD21 – "The Man Who Beat Lupo" Louis Jordan Joanna Barnes
"Lady in The Wind" Teresa Wright, Claude Dauphin
"Catch at Straws" Ray Milland, Kerwin Matthews, Virginia Gibson
"Adventure For Hire" Brian Keith, Pat O’Brian

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