Starring Don Adams & Barbara Feldon


Jim's Rare Serials & B-Westerns

60 Jacobs Lane, P.O. Box 477, Penn Run, PA 15765 USA

(724) 349-4455 — FAX (724) 357-8406

$27.95 per tape/DVD or 2 tapes/DVD's for $50.00

$34.95 each for PAL tapes

Shows are pre-grouped as listed - not available as singles or custom groupings.


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#GS101 – Mr. Big (Pilot B/W), The Dead Spy Scrolls, Witness For The Persecution, Now You See Him Now You Don’t 

#GS102 – Kiss Of Death, A Spy For A Spy, The Only Way To Die, Strike While The Agent Is Hot 

#GS103 – Where What How Who Am I?, Chaos In Control, The Laser Blaser, Ironhand 

#GS104 – Dear Diary, I’m Only Human, Stakeout On Blue Mist Mountain, The Amazing Harry Who 

#GS105 – Survival Of The Fattest, Back To The Old Drawing Board, All In The Mind, Smart The Assassin 

#GS106 – The Day Smart Turned Chicken, Too Many Chiefs, My Nephew The Spy, Weekend Vampire 

#GS107 – Hubert’s Unfinished Symphony, Shipment To Beirut, Ship Of Spies (Part 1), Ship Of Spies (Part 2)
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