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Jim's Rare Serials & B-Westerns

60 Jacobs Lane, P.O. Box 477, Penn Run, PA 15765 USA

(724) 349-4455 — FAX (724) 357-8406

$27.95 per tape/DVD or 2 tapes/DVD's for $50.00

$34.95 each for PAL tapes

Shows are pre-grouped as listed - not available as singles or custom groupings.


#HW1 1st Show Guest Host:  Donald O'Connor

Guest Stars: Buddy Grecco, Don Knotts

2nd Show Guest Host: Nat "King" Cole

Guest Stars:  Dianne Carroll, Ken Murray, Allen & Rossi
#HW2 1st Show Guest Host: Maurice Chevalier

Guest Stars:  Jane Powell, Tim Conway, Rowan & Martin

2nd Show Guest Host:  Lynn Redgrave

Guest Stars:  Petula Clark, Noel Harrison, The Nitwits
#HW3 1st Show Guest Host:   Buddy Ebsen

Guest Stars: Jack Carter, Willie Mays, Jane Morgan

2nd Show Guest Host:  Gene Barry

Guest Stars: Bette Davis, Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner
#HW4 1st Show Guest Host: Victor Borge

Guest Stars:  Alice Faye, Nicholas Brothers, Nancy Wilson

2nd Show Guest Host: Arthur Godfrey

Guest Stars:  Shelly Berman, Dorothy Collins
#HW5 1st Show Guest Host:  Van Johnson

Guest Stars: Betty Grable, Sergio Franchi, Jackie Mason

2nd Show Guest Host:  George Burns

Guest Stars: Wayne Newton, Rich Little, Connie Stevens
#HW6 1st Show Guest Host: Donald O'Connor

Guest Stars:  Sergio Franchi, Shecky Green, Dorothy Provive

2nd Show Guest Host: Milton Berle

Guest Stars: Johnny Pueblo, Liberace, Joey Heatherton
#HW7 1st Show Guest Host: Caterina Valente

Guest Stars: Fredonia, Bill Cosby, Tijuana Brass

2nd Show Guest Host: Cyd Charisse

Guest Stars: Tony Martin, Jack Carter, Kay Starr
#HW8 1st Show Guest Host:   Bing Crosby

Guest Stars:  Red Buttons, Nanette Fabray, Louis Armstrong

2nd Show Guest Host:   Phil Silvers

Guest Stars: Polly Bergen, Lovin Spoonful, Sergio Franchi
#HW9 1st Show Guest Host:  Herb Albert

Guest Stars: The Supremes, Shelley Berman

2nd Show Guest Host:   Phil Harris

Guest Stars:  George Jessel, Abbe Lane, The Flying Antons
#HW10 1st Show Guest Host: Bing Crosby

Guest Stars:  Vikki Carr, Dorothy Lamour, Sid Caesar

2nd Show Guest Host:  Victor Borge

Guest Stars: Allen & Rossi, Dennis Breilein, Petula Clark
#HW11 1st Show Guest Host:  Jimmy Durante

Guest Stars:  George Carlin, Peter Lawford, The Turtles

2nd Show Guest Host:  Bing Crosby

Guest Stars: Bing Crosby Family, Bob Newhart, Kate Smith
#HW12 1st Show Guest Host:   Bing Crosby

Guest Stars: Charles Aznavor, The Mills Brothers, Dorothy Collins

2nd Show Guest Host:   Milton Berle

Guest Stars: Lena Horne, Spanky & Our Gang, David Hedison
#HW13 1st Show Guest Host:  Milton Berle

Guest Stars: Nanette Fabray, The King Family, Buddy Greco

2nd Show Guest Host:  Jimmy Durante

Guest Stars: Ethel Merman, Lennon Sisters, Noel Harrison
#HW14 1st Show Guest Host:   Jimmy Durante

Guest Stars: Anessa Jones, Kay's Pets

2nd Show Guest Host:   Bing Crosby

Guest Stars: Bing Crosby Family, The King Family
#HW15 1st Show Guest Host:   Phil Silvers

Guest Stars: Connie Stevens, Jack Jones, James Brown Revue

2nd Show Guest Host:  Van Johnson

Guest Stars:  The Beatles, George Carlin, Liza Minnelli


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