Noah Beery Jr.
as Bill Blake (1960-1961),
  Dan Duryea as Brad Turner, Temporary Captain
William D. Gordon as Travis (1959-1960),
Jack Lambert
as Joshua, 
Darren McGavin
as Grey Holden, 
Mike McGreevey
as Chip (1959-1960), 
Jack Mitchum
as Pickalong (1959-1960), 
Bart Patton
as Terry Blake (1959-1960), 

Burt Reynolds
as Ben Frazer (1959-1960), 
Dick Wessel
as Carney


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#RIV101—Payment In Full, Race To Cincinnati 

#RIV102—About Roger Mowbray, The Faithless 

#RIV103—A Night At Trappers Landing, The Quota 

#RIV104—The Boy From Pittsburgh, Jessie Quinn 

#RIV105—Guns For Empire, The Face Of Courage 

#RIV106—Strange Request, River Champion 

#RIV107—Landlubbers, Fort Epitaph 

#RIV108—The Blowup, The Salvage Pirates 

#RIV109—Path Of The Eagle, Treasure Of Hawk Hill 

#RIV110—The Wichita Arrows, Hang The Men High 

#RIV111—The Long Trail, The Fight Back 

#RIV112—End Of A Dream, That Taylor Affair 

#RIV113—The Night Of The Faceless Man, The Two Faces Of Grey Holden 

#RIV114—The Water Of Gorgeous Springs, The Devil In Skirts 

#RIV115—The Quick Noose, Duel On The River 

#RIV116—Chicota Landing, The Sellout 

#RIV117—Listen To The Nightingale, Forbidden Island
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