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Outlaws of Santa Fe —
Don "Red" Barry
Man From the Rio Grande — Don "Red" Barry
Stage to Mesa City — Lash LaRue
Ghost Town Renegades — Lash LaRue

Western Code
- Tim McCoy
Six Gun Trail - Tim McCoy
Trigger Fingers - Tim McCoy
Aces and Eights - Tim McCoy

- Johnny Mack Brown
Code of the Saddle - Johnny Mack Brown
Stranger from the Pecos - Johnny Mack Brown
Partners of the Trail - Johnny Mack Brown

Twilight on the Rio Grande
- Gene Autry
Sinister Journey - Hopalong Cassidy
Treachery Rides the Range - Dick Foran
Last Frontier Uprising - Monte Hale

Sheriff of Sage Valley —
Buster Crabbe
Stranger from the Pecos — Johnny Mack Brown
The Oregon Trail — Sunset Carson
Santa Fe Saddlemates — Sunset Carson

Canyon Raiders
- Whip Wilson
Gunslingers - Whip Wilson
Outlaws of Texas - Whip Wilson
Shadows of the West - Whip Wilson

Down the Wyoming Trail
— Tex Ritter
Lawless Land — Johnny Mack Brown
Frontier Agent — Johnny Mack Brown
Gunning for Vengeance — Durango Kid

The Throwback
— Buck Jones
Tombstone Canyon — Ken Maynard
Hittin' The Trail — Tex Ritter
Sonora Stagecoach — Gibson, Steele, Thundercloud

Cyclone Kid
— Don "Red" Barry
Spooktown — The Texas Rangers
Silver Spurs — Buck Jones
Hidden Valley Outlaws — Bill Elliott

Wyoming Outlaw
— John Wayne, Don "Red" Barry
South of the Rio Grande — Buck Jones
Lightning Strikes West — Ken Maynard
Trouble in Texas — Tex Ritter

Land of the Open Range
— Tim Holt
Hills of Oklahoma — Rex Allen
Outlaws of Santa Fe — Don "Red" Barry
My Pal Trigger — Roy Rogers

Lucky Cisco Kid
— Cesar Romaro — Cisco Kid
Lawless Land — Johnny Mack Brown
West of the Law — Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, Raymond Hatton
The Navajo Kid — Bob Steele

Black Hills Express
— Don "Red" Barry
Rough Riders of Durango — Allan "Rocky" Lane
The Man From Thunder River — Bill Elliott
Calling Wild Bill Elliott — Bill Elliott

Beauty and the Bandit
— Gilbert Roland — Cisco Kid
Triggerman — Bob Steele
Three in the Saddle — Tex Ritter, Dave O'Brien
Oklahoma Justice — Johnny Mack Brown

The Man From Tumbleweeds
— Wild Bill Elliott
Thunder Mountain — Tim Holt
Guns of Hate — Tim Holt
Bandit King of Texas — Allan "Rocky" Lane

— Don "Red" Barry
Outlaws of Pine Ridge — Don "Red" Barry
Prairie Outlaws — Eddit Dean, Lash LaRue
Dead Man's Gold — Lash LaRue

The Cherokee Flash
— Sunset Carson
Sheriff of Cimarron — Sunset Carson
Mark of the Lash — Lash LaRue
Outlaw Country — Lash LaRue

Bar Z Bad Men
— Johnny Mack Brown
Every Man's Law — Johnny Mack Brown
Wilderness Mail — Kermit Maynard
Red Badge of Courage — Kermit Maynard

Masked Rider
— Johnny Mack Brown
Canyon Ambush — Johnny Mack Brown
Desert Bandit — Don "Red" Barry
Roaring Frontiers — Bill Elliott, Tex Ritter

Canyon City
— Don "Red" Barry
West of Cimarron — Tom Tyler, Bob Steele, Ruff Davis
Song of the Trail — Kermit Maynard
Timber Wars — Kermit Maynard

Note:  I have too many B-westerns to list them all on this site, and new titles arrive frequently.  Please e-mail me at jspotts@rareserials.com if you are looking for a particular actor/actress or title.

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